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Terms and Conditions of membership


- The membership period starts the day the first payment is made

- Extra fees may be payable for inclusive extras in clubs, such as marathon club t-shirts etc

- WIX monthly plan payments or cash for a year ALL-IN plan is the only accepted method of payment

- CASH plan payment is required in full BEFORE being allowed access to book online.  If the plan is purchased online but not yet paid for, the plan and any bookings will be cancelled


- Coaching packages need to be agreed in advance with Sarah Gyles as numbers are limited and coaching goals and training ideals need to be agreed in advance

- You will be required to keep in contact with your coach regularly to notify of progress, any injuries or changes in circumstances which may affect your training

- The coach will aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours unless otherwise notified due to absence or illness

- a minimum of 24 hours is needed to cancel or reschedule any 1-2-1 coached sessions

- Schedule 121 sessions with Sarah directly

- Failure to give sufficient notice to cancel will result in the loss of the session except in mitigating circumstances and at the coach's discretion

- It is your responsibility to ensure you book your entitlement of coached sessions each month.  Any unused sessions are not carried forward to the following month, unless the coach has arranged this with you in advance.

- Homework sessions will be set for any weeks you do not have a physical session with the coach


- To cancel your membership plan, please send us an email requesting to cancel

- There are NO cancellations fees

- There are NO REFUNDS on the remainder of any time left on your plan after you cancel including yearly CASH plans

- You can switch between memberships HOWEVER there is no refund for the remainder of any membership period.  Example: You have a ONE membership and cancel your plan but still have 10 days remaining on this plan.  If you wish to access unlimited sessions, you will need to purchase the ALL-IN plan before being allowed to make any bookings.  Therefore you may have two plans running at the same time for a short while.

- If a member is found to contravene these terms and conditions, membership can be cancelled by Hatherletes alongside any outstanding bookings.  Remainders of any membership paid is non-refundable.


- All paying members are entitled to join the Facebook group where you can share you runs, running experiences, events and arrange to meet for runs etc

- This group is for active members only and therefore once your membership is cancelled you will be removed from the group - don't take this personally!  All info and keeping in touch with Hatherletes and what's going on is accessible via the Facebook page


- All sessions must be booked before attending

- A health questionnaire (physical activity readiness questionnaire) must be completed and returned to Hatherletes before participating in any sessions.  It is understood that any change of circumstances must be reported to Hatherletes immediately which may affect your ability to participate safely

- Run sessions will require additional registration with Run Together at www.runtogether, and a one-off booking with Hatherletes to put you onto our register app so we have your emergency contact information and are insured to lead you on our runs

- Cancel any sessions you cannot attend with 12 hours notice

- If you do not give sufficient notice to cancel where you were booked into a class with a waiting list, you will be unable to book that session again the following week

- Hatherletes must treat each other with respect and courtesy at all times, in person and on social media


- Please ensure you complete the Hatherletes health questionnaire before your first session

- If any of these answers change regarding your health, please notify Sarah immediately in writing


-Hatherletes sessions are run and operated by Sarah Gyles who will endeavour to fulfil all services and session as advertised

- On occasion due to illness or other mitigating circumstances, sessions may need to be cancelled.  All reasonable efforts will be made for the session to go ahead or rescheduled

- Sessions may need to be cancelled in adverse weather due to safety (ie, icy paths) or where equipment is needed outdoors and the rain is particularly heavy!

- Run Solo will always continue to operate to keep Hatherletes going during times we cannot run together

- A two week period over Christmas and New Year will see limited to no Hatherletes sessions, although Run Solo shall continue

- Hatherletes is a womens club but ALL-IN memberships benefit from the inclusion of accompanying husbands or partners to sessions (where space allows on number restricted classes)

- For the purposes of ALL-IN membership, an accompanying partner is defined as a live-in partner who you live with as if married


- If you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 please STAY AT HOME

- For the safety of all our members, you will be asked to leave the session if you are deemed to be displaying any symptoms in accordance with government guidelines

- Please keep a 2m distance from all other people in your session

-Please use the hand sanitiser provided when in a session using any equipment

- Government guidelines may change number restrictions on certain sessions.  This is unavoidable and Sarah will do her best to accommodate all members however it may be asked of you to book sessions you most wish to attend but not over-book onto too many sessions, allowing others to book on too.  

Terms and Conditions of membership: Welcome
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