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Sessions Explained a little more detail.

Sessions explained: FAQ


Our speed sessions cater to practically all ability levels.  We work on a circuit so there is no being held up or being left behind.  You do not need to be fast to join a speed session - speedwork is just a means of becoming a more efficient runner and many beginners enjoy this style of running as often it is stop / start with periods of recovery worked into the session.

0-5km course

For complete and utter beginners!  This course guides you through your first mile and carries you forward to 5km glory within ten weeks.  You will receive weekly emails with hints and tips plus homework runs to complete in your own time and help you progress in your journey.

Sarah has also put together a free "Finding 5km" 0-5km series on YouTube for you to achieve 5km glory in your own time - check it out here.


This session is a route run and the perfect opportunity to run with other friendly Hatherletes and natter along the way.


A walking fitness session revolving around walking at different paces to elevate the heart rate while incorporating flexibility, balance and resistance exercises (all optional) to challenge all areas of fitness. This is a fun relaxed session for all fitness abilities, providing you can walk continuously for up to 50 minutes.

Marathon Club

Marathon club is perfect for anyone wanting to train for a marathon or half marathon in good company. We even get many who do not plan on running an event, but just want to build distance through the weeks with other Hatherlete-folk. Marathon club starts with a club briefing where the routes are shared and we get to congregate in a group of folk we'll be running with.. This also doubles up as a Q&A session plus club t-shirt ordering opportunity (optional and subject to a small fee to cover the costs).

Marathon club is open to ALL-IN members under the good-will provision that if taking a place you are committing to remaining a full (ALL-IN) paying member until the cessation of the club including April.

Z2 Club

This low heart-rate running club on a Saturday morning is a well-timed start in October as a pre-marathon club training programme whereby you run in your zone 2 HR in the majority of your runs in order to improve your lower HR efficiency. This involves learning a new way of running and not a quick fix.  

To join this club you will need:

- ALL-IN membership

- A reliable chest strap HR monitor

- A willingness to change the way you train in the longer-term

- Patience and commitment

The club is for all abilities and is held on a Saturday morning at Brizen field, 8:30am for 45 minutes starting in October through to the Christmas 10km.


A sociable and relaxed run/walk on the trails (we walk the ups)! Meeting points and distances vary and are advertised on the Hatherletes Facebook page and in the members area group.

Hatherletes ONE members can only book this session as their once a week entitlement, the calendar falls Sunday to Saturday.

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