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Say "hi" to the Hatherletes crew!


Sarah Gyles

Head coach

Hi, I am Sarah and I love welcoming new folk along to Hatherletes - we are such a friendly community so you really need to come and give us a try!

I started Hatherletes in 2014 and my favourite sessions to coach are all ability group speedwork and 0-5km.  My soft spot for 0-5km comes from it being grass-roots Hatherletes and where this whole fantastic group began.  Also I love watching complete beginners gain confidence in themselves as the weeks go by and then achieving what they never thought was possible.

I also love coaching low heart rate training, high-end speedwork and strength and conditioning.

In my spare time I love to weight train, ride my bike, swim and run, alongside long walks with my dog!

For more info on me click here.

The two Sues

Run Leaders

Sue TK (right in photo)

"Hi my name is Sue, also known as Sue TK.  I have been a Hatherlete since the summer of 2014.  As a relative novice runner, Hatherletes has given me the training and fitness together with the encouragement to compete in 10km, half and even a full marathon (something I didn't even dare dream of when the thought of running one mile seemed impossible).  I would and do recommend Hatherletes to anyone wanting to join a friendly, supportive and fun running group no matter what their current ability is.

I became a run leader in January 2019 and really enjoy taking out the various run groups, chatting to everyone and giving encouragement.  Joining Hatherletes has changed my life.  I have made new friends, improved my running and general fitness and found a love for trail running."

Sue2 (left in photo)

"Hi my name is Sue, known in the group as Sue2.  I have been running for about 10 years.  I joined Hatherletes in (I think) 2016.  I began leading about a year ago.  Although I participate in speed sessions (usually thinking why am I here and by the end of a session loving it)) my favourite runs are trail runs.  Hatherletes is a great running club, everyone is warm and friendly, whatever your ability, there is always someone to run with.

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