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Why don't you offer PAYG anymore?

Switching over to membership plans allows us to go cash-free which means we can start sessions on time, limiting any waiting around in winter (brrr… you'll thank us in winter!). 

This system also gives Hatherletes greater regularity over income during the year where sessions may peak and trough with numbers.  This enabes sessions to go ahead for those who turn up to train during bad weather for example, or means Hatherletes will still be here for those who like to dip in and out of sessions more infrequently.  Likewise a monthly membership is more likely to promote a commitment to your own regularity and fitness.

How does Hatherletes differ from regular running groups and clubs?

While Hatherletes is run as a business, Sarah has worked with hundreds of ladies in the local area and created a large community of people who are now all friends or acquaintances, often saying they can't go anywhere without bumping into other "Hatherletes".  We even have our own calling card which is two "beep beeps" of the horn on the car as people pass us running.

Hatherletes does not only focus on running, but smart running and everything else that constitutes a strong runner.  From running socially to speed work, from resistance training to mobility.

Why are some of your sessions only operating at certain times of year?

Sarah is the sole proprietor and main trainer/coach of Hatherletes and as such can only be in certain places at certain times.  The timetable has been scheduled so we can enjoy outdoor spaces in the warmer months as much as possible, while coming indoors with more limited numbers in the winter months.  Sarah also has time set aside for her 1-2-1 clients and coaching obligations plus managing the website and memberships  throughout the week.  The timetable is reviewed regularly with pop-up workshops or runs happening through the year.  Session demand and membership ratios will dictate the sessions on offer.

How do I cancel my membership plan?

To cancel your plan, please send a quick email.  Once cancelled, you will have access to the remainder of the time already paid for on your monthly plan, after which it will become unavailable.

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