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Tips and Advice for new (and existing) runners

This could wind up being a very large endless page, so to keep things simple, here are a few hints and tips for successful running.

Keep it Enjoyable

Keeping it fun is going to be key to continuing forward as a runner.  It will help you go out on rainy days, keep you motivated and help you progress.  The moment we start putting pressure on ourselves to run faster, longer or harder without taking time to enjoy running outdoors, then we can start to feel overwhelmed and no longer up to the task.

Mix up your runs: have a sociable run with friends occasionally, go for a shorter fast run, take days off and do something different (bike, swim, walk...), run the trails, experiment with different routes, run with the kids or the dog...splash in the puddles when it rains or take time to walk and enjoy the scenery on those hotter days.  Most importantly, look up and look around at the houses, the trees, the countryside or wherever you may be - stop staring at the pavement and start enjoying the great outdoors!


Strength Strength Strength

Take the time to start strength training and working on your structural fitness.  As we age, we start to lose muscle mass and adding in only cardio based activities can actually speed this process up by tapping into your muscle proteins as a source of energy, especially if you happen to be calorie restricting or experience issues with your hormones (how many women don't?).  

Strength training and lifting heavier than you think is the only sure way to combat the loss of muscle as we age.  Furthermore, it will strengthen muscles, joints and ligaments and if executed correctly and alongside mobilisation exercises, can actually increase your range of motion in some joints and aid mobility.  Oh, and you'll run faster and lessen the chance of injuries - win-win! You do not have to spend money to do this and can effectively train at home with bodyweight exercises or things you have lying about at home - get creative!  Focus on compound movements that target the major muscle groups such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, press-ups, pull ups and shoulder press.


You don't need to spend a fortune!

Running should inherently be a relatively cheap thing to do - so keep this in mind when spending out.  Most of the things out there are 'like to haves' rather than 'really needs'.

Of course we like to treat ourselves to some of the cool things out on the market, but if you are just starting out, we recommend making use of what's available to you for free before spending on things you may not need.  Dig out any leisurewear you may already have and some comfy trainers you think you can run in.  Test it out for a good while before deciding if you can stick with them or if you really need a change (we are not talking through blood and blisters here).  Download a free running app such as Run Keeper to your smartphone before investing in a watch.  You don't need to pay premium for clothing when far cheaper ranges are available at a fraction of the cost and which all do the same thing - wick moisture away from the skin keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.  So, guessing this is the best place to shamelessly plug our Hatherletes tops that we think you would look rather terrific in....ha!

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