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How it all began...

Sarah Gyles qualified as a personal trainer in 2006-2009 while training and fighting Muay Thai in Thailand. During this time she taught Boxercise, circuits and gained extensive experience working with clients within a gym environment.

In 2009 Sarah went on to sell home fitness equipment on a large scale through her online sales company, Fitness Nation.  It is during this time and through becoming sedentary and overweight, that Sarah took up kettlebell training and running.  Within 10 months she was hooked and became an endurance running enthusiast, completing multiple marathons and ultra-distance events. 

Sarah went on to found Hatherletes in 2014 and gain her UK Athletics coaching award alongside a BSc in Sport, Fitness and Coaching.  She has gone on to study at Masters level in Sport Psychology and is a strength and conditioning enthusiast, while following a whole foods plant-based lifestyle.

Hatherletes is not only a running group, it is a supportive community of women (and now their partners) who run, strength train and socialise together.

Sarah promotes and enjoys coaching a polarised methodology.  Essentially, this is low heart rate training alongside specific high-end training.  Sarah couples this with run specific strength and conditioning to promote stronger athletes. To see more about Sarah's personal journey and for coaching videos check out her vlog here:

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